Our story

… and then it was time for something new at Elisa Fashion …

My family and I moved to Singapore last year. Because of a rather infamous epidemic this happened 2 years later than originally planned. Many people wondered aloud: what are you going to do there to keep yourself occupied?! I didn’t see myself as a stereotypical “expat wife”. After the first tears had dried from missing friends and family, after many months... 🤣 (no, actually I felt at home rather quickly 😜), I got to know a lot of genuinely nice people. I met folks from all over the world and off course; people from 'Flanders'.

Doesn’t matter how far abroad you find yourself; it’s always a pleasure to have a chat with someone in your native tongue and to share your (cultural) experiences, sense of humour and cultural bagage. What an enrichment! ❤️

Instead of focussing on the things I didn’t have here, I focussed on the unique and wonderful things this country has to offer. I discovered this incredible world city-state that is Singapore as the Manhattan of Asia; a melting pot of cultures and people, wonderful weather for 365 days, uncountable culinary discoveries, ... and of course the professional opportunities that arose.

Our Marilyn and Cloé, and later also our Alexi, did so well at Elisa so I had the time to look into the neighboring countries to see if they could help me with what I saw as lacking with us: hip and exclusive teenage party outfits that our moms could also wear.

My teenage daughters were also of great help. Romane therefore accompanied us on the first trip to our Vietnam studio and was able to try everything through.

A few months passed by: designing, producing, coming up with a brand name, photo shoot with our models etc. Preparing to show you what we have to offer on the 21st of December.

Since I didn't want a traditional launch in these social media times 😜, we launched on #instalive during a nice Christmas party (with Santa Claus 🎅😝) with all of our models and of course a lot of surprises, competitions and gifts 🎁. You can find those photos here on our webshop and our Instagram page.